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The Club was formed in 1964, when the Rover Company divided its Owners Club into autonomous regional clubs. The Club draws its membership mainly from North Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire and even Lincolnshire. P&D LRC is a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) and is affiliated to the Motor Sports Association (MSA).

We run cross country trials and competitive safari events for Land Rover vehicles and some events that are open to other clubs and also non Land Rover vehicles. Trials are either Cross Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT), where vehicle are specially prepared with roll cages etc and Road Taxed Vehicle Trials (RTVT). For Club events vehicles have to comply with the regulations of the ALRC, otherwise with the MSA Regulations, plus Supplementary Regulations issued by P&D LRC.

From Easter to the beginning of November events are run on Saturdays and Sundays, with camping available. Over the winter period events are held on Sundays only. Events are on a roughly fortnightly basis on rough and rugged terrain at various venues around Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

For less experienced or new drivers, with or without a license and young drivers aged 13+ we run Tyros. These are held on  Saturdays using some of the RTV sections, but on gentle terrain. Also for less experienced drivers we have a Novice class, where driver are allowed to use CCVT prepared vehicles in an RTV trial.

All P&D LRC events are OPEN to other MSA affiliated clubs that are not affiliated to the ALRC and may include non Land Rover vehicles.

To enable P&D LRC members to use non-ALRC compliant motors in P&D LRC Open events or to compete with these motors in non-ALRC Club events P&D LRC members have an option to apply for a membership card issued by Peak & Dukeries Off Road Club Ltd (P&D ORC) 

Some members like to explore the countryside using unsurfaced roads (green lanes), especially in the Peak District. To play our part in trying to keep these historic tracks available to enjoy P&D LRC supports the Green Lane Association (GLASS). If you want to do this please observe the GLASS Code of Conduct to try to mitigate the hostility from anti-motorist groups, especially in the Peak Park. See the Links page for useful mapping information about "green lanes". 



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