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ALRC - Association of Land Rover Clubs
GLASS - Promoting sensible driving in the countryside
LARA - Land Access and Recreation Association

Motorsport UK Yearbook & ALRC Handbook

ALRC Handbook (Green Book) - Regulations for taking part in ALRC competitions. These Regulations are supplementary to the MSA Regulations. See above for MSA sections that are included in the ALRC Handbook.
Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) - Relevant regulations for P&D LRC & ORC Cross Country Events are in Sections C (Judicial) - D (Organisers) - G (Officials) - H (Competitors: Licences) - J (Competitors: Vehicles) - K (Competitors: Safety) - L (Permitted Tyres) - P (Cross Country Events)

Social Media

Peak & Dukeries Facebook Group - Peak & Dukeries Facebook Group
Instagram - News and Views form P&D LRC

Rights of Way & Maps

Maps Showing Rights of Way - Official rights of way maps from 101 County Council Highways Authorities
TrailWise2 - The National Catalogue of Rights of Way, available exclusively to GLASS members (Green Lane Association Limited)

Picture Galleries

David Dudley's Photo Albums - Photos of motor sport events, including Peak & Dukeries LRC events.
Nick Reaney's Gallery - Pictures of P&D events
Stephen Smith's Photo Gallery - Photos of P&D events

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