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Supplementary Rules & Regulations

Supplementary Regulations

CCV & RTV Trial 2021 under C-19 conditions  → Download PDF
Tyro Trial Under C-19 Conditions  → Download PDF
Comp safari 2021 under C-19 conditions  → Download PDF

Eckington Supplementary Regulations

Master Driver Championship Rules

Master Drivers Championship Rules 2021  → Download PDF

COVID 19 Guidance & Plans

COVID 19 Guidance & Plan for CCV Events  → Download PDF
COVID 19 Guidance & Plan for RTV Events  → Download PDF
COVID 19 Guidance & Plan for Comp Safari Events  → Download PDF

Eckington Booklet

Events Timing & Advice

Saturdays Without Team Recovery; Trials, including Tyro, start at 1:00pm.

Saturdays With Team Recovery; Team Recovery starts at 10:30am and RTV Trial starts at 1:00pm

Sundays:   All events start at 10:30am

Please plan to arrive an hour before the start of the event to allow time for signing on as marshals or drivers and for scrutineering.

To ensure you and your vehicle are suitably prepared please read your copy of the ALRC Handbook and the P&D LRC or ORC Supplementary Regulations. There is a link to the ALRC Handbook on the "Links" page and the SRs are available as pdf downloads on this page. 

Your attention is drawn to information about

  • Tow ropes - Tow ropes can be supplied to order.
  • Fire extionguishers - The Club does not carry any fire extinguishers, because they have to be checked every two years starting from their date of manufacture.
  • For Competitive Safaris permitted  tyres, as listed in the Motorsport UK Yearbook Section L Lists 5a, 5b and 5c, and spill kits. 
  • The speed limit for ALL vehicles on all our sites is 5 mph.
  • Smoking is not permitted whilst on section and drinking and driving is not allowed in the competition area.


For safe spectating always use common sense, stay well out of harm's way, follow the marshals' and officials' instructions and if in doubt ask first

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