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11/10/2020Competitive SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
10/10/2020RTV/Novice/Tyro TrialsNewton Lodge → Get Results
27/09/2020CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
26/09/2020RTV/Novice/Tyro TrialsBallidonmoor → Get Results
31/08/2020Competitive SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
30/08/2020RTV/Novice/Tyro TrialsEckington Interclub → Get Results
29/08/2020CCVEckington Interclub → Get Results
09/08/2020CCV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
08/08/2020RTV/Novice/Tyro Trials Norwood Lodge → Get Results
01/03/2020RTVBonsall → Get Results
02/02/2020CCV Worrall, Sheffield → Get Results
05/01/2020RTV/CCVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
11/12/2019CCV Master DriversGet Results
11/12/2019RTV Master DriversGet Results
11/12/2019Comp Master DriverGet Results
01/12/2019CCV/RTVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
03/11/2019CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
02/11/2019Comp Safari and bonfireNorwood Lodge → Get Results
20/10/2019CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
19/10/2019RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
22/09/2019CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
21/09/2019RTVBallidonmoor → Get Results
26/08/2019Competitive SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
25/08/2019RTV/Novice/ TrialEckington Interclub → Get Results
25/08/2019Night Competitive Safari Eckington Interclub → Get Results
25/08/2019TyroEckington Interclub → Get Results
24/08/2019CCV/Tyro TrialEckington Interclub → Get Results
23/08/2019 - 26/08/2019Eckington InterclubEckington Interclub → Get Results
11/08/2019CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
10/08/2019RTV/TyroNorwood Lodge → Get Results
13/07/2019 - 14/07/2019CCV - Two day eventPadley Wood → Get Results
23/06/2019CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
22/06/2019RTVBallidonmoor → Get Results
12/05/2019Comp SafariHundall/Eckington → Get Results
11/05/2019RTV/TyroHundall/Eckington → Get Results
14/04/2019CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
13/04/2019RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
17/03/2019CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
16/03/2019RTV/Tyro/Team RecoveryNorwood Lodge → Get Results
03/03/2019Comp SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
10/02/2019CCVGrasscroft Wood → Get Results
27/01/2019RTVBonsall → Get Results
06/01/2019CCV/RTVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
06/12/2018Tyro Master DriversGet Results
06/12/2018RTV/Novice Master DriversGet Results
06/12/2018CCV Master DriversGet Results
06/12/2018Comp Master DriverGet Results
02/12/2018RTV New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
02/12/2018CCVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
09/11/2018Interim Comp Master Drivers TableInterim Table → Get Results
04/11/2018CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
03/11/2018Comp safari & bonfireNorwood Lodge → Get Results
21/10/2018CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
20/10/2018RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
07/10/2018Comp safari Newton Lodge → Get Results
06/10/2018RTV & TyroNewton Lodge → Get Results
23/09/2018CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
22/09/2018RTVBallidonmoor → Get Results
27/08/2018Eckington Interclub CompEckington Interclub → Get Results
26/08/2018Eckington Interclub RTV & night compEckington Interclub → Get Results
25/08/2018Eckington Interclub CCVEckington Interclub → Get Results
12/08/2018CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
11/08/2018RTV/Tyro (fancy dress) & Team Recovery Norwood Lodge → Get Results
28/07/2018 - 29/07/20182 day CCV- BADLRC (Sunday championship points day)MOSEY LOW → Get Results
07/07/2018 - 08/07/2018Two day CCV - Alan Rodgers MemorialPadley Wood → Get Results
24/06/2018CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
23/06/2018RTV - Alan Rodgers MemorialBallidonmoor → Get Results
13/05/2018Comp safari Newton Lodge → Get Results
12/05/2018RTV & TyroNewton Lodge → Get Results
15/04/2018CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
14/04/2018RTV (no Tyro)Norwood Lodge → Get Results
30/03/2018 - 02/04/2018Easter bank holiday Get Results
18/03/2018CCV - CANCELLEDNorwood Lodge → Get Results
04/03/2018Comp safari - CANCELLEDHundall/Eckington → Get Results
03/03/2018Day/Night RTV/Novice & Tyro Trial - CANCELLED Hundall/Eckington → Get Results
11/02/2018CCVGrasscroft Wood → Get Results
28/01/2018RTVBonsall → Get Results
07/01/2018CCV & RTVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
06/12/2017Master Drivers tablesGet Results
03/12/2017RTVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
05/11/2017CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
04/11/2017Comp Safari and bonfireNorwood Lodge → Get Results
22/10/2017CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
21/10/2017RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
08/10/2017Comp SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
07/10/2017Tyro - RTVNewton Lodge → Get Results
24/09/2017CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
23/09/2017RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
10/09/2017CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
09/09/2017CCVBallidonmoor → Get Results
05/09/2017Interim Master Drivers' TablesGet Results
28/08/2017Comp SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
27/08/2017RTV - Tyro - Night CompEckington Interclub → Get Results
26/08/2017CCV - TyroEckington Interclub → Get Results
13/08/2017CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
12/08/2017Tyro - RTVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
16/07/2017CCV TrialHundall/Eckington → Get Results
24/06/2017 - 25/06/2017CCV (Two days)Padley Wood → Get Results
11/06/2017CCVHundall/Eckington → Get Results
10/06/2017Tyro - RTVHundall/Eckington → Get Results
14/05/2017Comp SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
13/05/2017Tyro - RTVNewton Lodge → Get Results
02/04/2017CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
01/04/2017RTVMiddleton Top → Get Results
12/03/2017CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
11/03/2017Tyro - RTV - Team RecoveryNorwood Lodge → Get Results
26/02/2017Comp SafariHundall/Eckington → Get Results
12/02/2017CCVGrasscroft Wood → Get Results
29/01/2017RTVBonsall → Get Results
08/01/2017RTV & CCVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
12/12/2016RTV Master Driver 2016Get Results
12/12/2016TYRO Master Driver 2016Get Results
12/12/2016CCV Master Driver 2016Get Results
12/12/2016COMP Master Driver 2016Get Results
12/12/2016Novice CCV Master Driver 2016Get Results
04/12/2016RTV, Novice & CCV TrialsNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
06/11/2016CCV TrialNorwood Lodge → Get Results
05/11/2016Comp Safari & bonfireNorwood Lodge → Get Results
30/10/2016RTV & Novice TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
29/10/2016CCV TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
09/10/2016Open Comp SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
08/10/2016RTV, Novice & Tyro TrialsNewton Lodge → Get Results
25/09/2016CCV TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
24/09/2016RTV & Novice TrialsMiddleton Top → Get Results
29/08/2016Eckington Comp SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
28/08/2016Eckington RTV/NoviceTrial & Night Comp SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
27/08/2016Eckington CCV TrialEckington Interclub → Get Results
14/08/2016CCV TrialNorwood Lodge → Get Results
13/08/2016RTV, Novice & Tyro TrialsNorwood Lodge → Get Results
25/06/2016 - 26/06/2016CCV Trial - 2 daysPadley Wood → Get Results
12/06/2016CCV TrialHundall/Eckington → Get Results
11/06/2016RTV, Novice & Tyro TrialsHundall/Eckington → Get Results
15/05/2016Open Comp SafariNewton Lodge → Get Results
14/05/2016RTV, Novice & Tyro TrialsNewton Lodge → Get Results
17/04/2016CCV TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
16/04/2016RTV & Novice TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
13/03/2016CCV TrialNorwood Lodge → Get Results
12/03/2016RTV, Novice and Tyro TrialNorwood Lodge → Get Results
08/03/2016Annual General MeetingShirland Miners Welfare Club → Get Results
28/02/2016Open Comp SafariHundall/Eckington → Get Results
14/02/2016CCV TrialGrasscroft Wood → Get Results
31/01/2016Open RTV, Novice TrialBonsall → Get Results
10/01/2016Open RTV, Novice & CCV TrialsNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
23/12/2015RTV Master Driver 2015 FinalGet Results
29/11/2015RTV New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
16/11/2015Novice Master Driver 2015 finalGet Results
16/11/2015Tyro Master Driver 2015 finalGet Results
12/11/2015Comp Master Driver 2015 Final Get Results
12/11/2015CCV Master Drivers 2015 FinalGet Results
08/11/2015CCV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
07/11/2015Comp Norwood Lodge → Get Results
25/10/2015CCV Grasscroft Wood → Get Results
11/10/2015Open Comp Newton Lodge → Get Results
10/10/2015Tyro, RTV 10 & Novice TrialsNewton Lodge → Get Results
27/09/2015RTV 9 + Novice TrialMiddleton Top → Get Results
26/09/2015CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
31/08/2015Eckington Interclub Day Comp SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
30/08/2015Eckington Interclub RTV 8/Novice/Tyro Trails Eckington Interclub → Get Results
30/08/2015Eckington Interclub Night Comp SafariEckington Interclub → Get Results
29/08/2015Eckington Interclub CCV TrialEckington Interclub → Get Results
18/08/2015Interim Master Drivers TablesGet Results
16/08/2015CCV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
15/08/2015RTV 7, Tyro & Novice Norwood Lodge → Get Results
29/07/2015 - 05/08/20152015 Holiday RallyRobin Hoods Bay → Get Results
19/07/2015CCV Highoredish → Get Results
04/07/2015 - 05/07/20152 day Open CCV Alan Rodgers MemorialPadley Wood → Get Results
07/06/2015CCV Hundall/Eckington → Get Results
06/06/2015RTV 6, Tyro & NoviceHundall/Eckington → Get Results
02/05/2015 - 03/05/2015LLRC Event - ClaxbyGet Results
26/04/2015Open Comp Newton Lodge → Get Results
25/04/2015Tyro, RTV 5 & NoviceNewton Lodge → Get Results
22/03/2015CCV Middleton Top → Get Results
21/03/2015RTV 4Middleton Top → Get Results
08/03/2015CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
07/03/2015Tyro, RTV 3 & NoviceNorwood Lodge → Get Results
01/02/2015CCV & RTV 2Bonsall → Get Results
04/01/2015CCV New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
04/01/2015RTV 1New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
11/12/2014Tyro Master DriverGet Results
11/12/2014RTV Master DriverGet Results
11/12/2014CCV Master DriverGet Results
30/11/2014RTVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
30/11/2014CCVNew Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
03/11/2014Comp Master Driver Final 2014Get Results
02/11/2014CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
01/11/2014Comp Norwood Lodge → Get Results
11/10/2014 - 12/10/2014Day/Night/Day Open CompNewstead Abbey → Get Results
05/10/2014RTV Bonsall → Get Results
05/10/2014CCVBonsall → Get Results
28/09/2014RTV Middleton Top → Get Results
27/09/2014CCVMiddleton Top → Get Results
10/08/2014CCV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
09/08/2014RTV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
20/07/2014CCV Padley Wood → Get Results
19/07/2014CCV Padley Wood → Get Results
19/07/2014 - 20/07/2014CCV Alan Rodgers Memorial Padley Wood → Get Results
22/06/2014Comp Newton Lodge → Get Results
21/06/2014Tyro Newton Lodge → Get Results
21/06/2014RTV Newton Lodge → Get Results
08/06/2014Comp Hundall → Get Results
07/06/2014RTV Hundall/Eckington → Get Results
11/05/2014CCV Padley Wood → Get Results
10/05/2014RTV Padley Wood → Get Results
27/04/2014Comp Newton Lodge → Get Results
26/04/2014Tyro Newton Lodge → Get Results
26/04/2014RTV Newton Lodge → Get Results
06/04/2014CCV Middleton Top → Get Results
05/04/2014RTV Middleton Top → Get Results
16/03/2014Comp New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
09/03/2014CCVNorwood Lodge → Get Results
08/03/2014RTV Norwood Lodge → Get Results
08/03/2014Tyro Norwood Lodge → Get Results
02/03/2014CCV Holymoorside → Get Results
02/02/2014CCV Grasscroft Wood → Get Results
05/01/2014RTV Mayhem Cup New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
05/01/2014CCV New Whittington/Eckington → Get Results
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